RAA Greenfield Transportation, LLC

With over 75 years experience RAA Greenfield Transportation provides reliable, cost –effective same-day logistic services to satisfy a diverse set of client's needs. From small package delivery to the critical freight our team of professional drivers are ready to move your shipments on-time and within budget, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With our home office in Bristol CT, RAA Greenfield specializes in both on-demand and routed solutions throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Our expertise lies in the deliveries which includes, but is not limited to organ banks, primary care physicians, laboratories and long term extended care institutions. Through the latest dispatch software and deliver technology, customers can obtain real time tracking and order information on all time sensitive pharmaceuticals, specimens and documents.

RAA Greenfield also has vast experience transporting cargo across other core industries including Manufacturing, Trade Shows/Industrial, Legal and financial. With a diverse fleet of vehicles consisting of cars, cargo/cube vans, lift-gate equipped box trucks and LTL options, RAA Greenfield has the flexibility to respond quickly and accurately to a wide range of shipping needs.



Home Deliveries of Medication, Dialysis Solution, Medical Labs, Pharmaceuticals, Organ Banks, LTC Pharmacies, Nuclear, along with Extended Care and Primary Physician Care Courier Routes and Emergency Deliveries


Computers & Supplies, Machine Parts, Printed Materials, Vehicle and Aircraft Parts,Military and Commercial

 Corporate Mailrooms

Fully staff Mailrooms for Interoffice Mail Routes and Pick-ups

 Management Services

Fleet, Fulfillment Services, Warehousing and Trade Shows

 Legal & Administrative

Court Filings, Real Estate Filings,Document Storage and Destruction